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Our add-on embeds your customers name
into prepared images. 
Only 3 simple steps to let the magic happen.

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How does work?

Easily integrated into any email marketing & automation system thanks to a simple code snippet.

Choose an image

Step 1:
Choose an image

Simply select your preferred
image from our motif gallery.

Define the width

Step 2:
Define the width

Choose the width that best fits
your email template, landing
page, social media or mobile
advertising campaign.

Copy the code

Step 3:
Copy the code

Place the resulting code-snippet
into the <img> tag within your
HTML email template and
connect it to your data.


Easy to use - never hard to master

Increased email


Improvement in
Click Through Rate*

return on investment


10 times revenue*



Increase in revenue
generated per email*

*High Score taken from internal A/B tests by clients

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3 simple steps to level-up your email game

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Free access to our image gallery of prepared motifs + unlimited rendering in order to spread smile all over :)
Beta means you get free access to a catalog of motifs that will always be updated with new content! Plus, with the ability to render unlimited images to try out extensively. If you are an early adopter and you like scanning innovative solutions providing more impact with less effort - is for you.

How do I provide my feedback?

As we release new features and content, we'll send you updates and ask for your feedback. You can always chat with our chatbot or email us your feedback at anytime at We'll even send you surveys once in a while so we can learn about what's most important for you :)

show you care for each of your recipients individually

Be charming :)

We empower you to embed the recipients name into images that become part of your existing email-campaigns, newsletters or any other automatically triggered personal email. Technically spoken we dynamically generate names into prepared images.

How does
hyper-personalized images

Step 1: Choose an image

Simply select your preferred
image from the large range we
currently have available.

No IT expertise needed - yippie yeah!

Easy to integrate in any template with almost any platform. All you need is to copy & paste a snippet to make the magic happen :)

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Increase the impact of your e-mail marketing with ease


Return on Investment


Higher Click-through Rate


Improved Turnover

Cause It's Contagious ;)

We believe in the exponential impact of a smile :)

Marco, my Co-Founder and me, we love photos as well as impact. And combining tech with touch.

We are passionate about add-ons that make people smile - both on the senders/creator and the receivers/user side. Even more if it originates from the feeling of appreciation - and a little fun.

At the same time we would like to free you from the hassle of multiple optimization that yields little result. We are aiming at making anyone involved smile - including the dashboard measuring the impact of your campaign

Marco & Meike have been fascinated by entrepreneurship, innovation and improving the way we work & interact from very early on.

Both founded their first ventures right at the end of their studies. Ever since they joined the wild ride of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

Another passion of Meike is to support companies implementing innovative methods & human centred processes within organisations - the more pragmatic the better. And this is where fits in perfectly. An easy yet aesthetic solution aiming at making anyone involved smile.

CoMbining two essential Neuro-Trigger

The essence of email personalisation is simple

Your name is the most important word in your life and Images are the shortcut to your brain.

The combination of both - name in image - intensifies emotions in milliseconds and leads to a feel good party in your brain - visible from the outside as a smile :)

Email is against all odds still the number one to gain and retain customers. A lot of hassles come with it though. On the senders side, hassle to get it all right. On the recipient side a too full inbox with either irrelevant or boring or both kind of emails pollute inboxes and moods alike.

Give yourself and your customers not only a relief, but also joy to their inbox and your outbox :)

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