Cause It's Contagious ;)

We believe in the exponential impact of a smile :)

Marco, my Co-Founder and me, we love photos as well as impact. And combining tech with touch.

We are passionate about add-ons that make people smile - both on the senders/creator and the receivers/user side. Even more if it originates from the feeling of appreciation - and a little fun.

At the same time we would like to free you from the hassle of multiple optimization that yields little result. We are aiming at making anyone involved smile - including the dashboard measuring the impact of your campaign

Marco & Meike have been fascinated by entrepreneurship, innovation and improving the way we work & interact from very early on.

Both founded their first ventures right at the end of their studies. Ever since they joined the wild ride of the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

Another passion of Meike is to support companies implementing innovative methods & human centred processes within organisations - the more pragmatic the better. And this is where fits in perfectly. An easy yet aesthetic solution aiming at making anyone involved smile.